Commit to Sustainability: Prefabrication

Many businesses and people are set goals and plan for improvements each year. One of the best ways to start your year is by committing to sustainability. Looking for new ways to recycle, cut down on waste, or decrease your company’s carbon footprint is a great place to start. When considering construction or remodeling, research sustainable construction practices like prefabrication

Prefabricated construction is when pieces of your structure are built offside at a manufacturer and then transported to your construction site. This practice is often thought to be lower quality due to mass production, however, that is not true. Over time prefabricated construction technologies have improved thus improving the quality of many levels of budgets. 


First and foremost, prefabricated construction is economical. When everything is built on your site waste is increased. This is not only not economical, but everything that gets wasted and thrown in the trash is a material you are paying for making it more expensive. If there is some leftover material at manufacturers, they can recycle it. 


Since everything is made at a manufacturer you can expect the quality to be consistent due to a consistent experienced team in a climate-controlled factory. When pieces are built on a traditional construction site there are a variety of different variables that could play into quality (i.e. skill levels, sub-contractor availability, or weather). 

Quicker Construction

When using prefabricated construction everything is better-planned upfront making construction quicker. Manufacturers are able to build multiple pieces at once in a weather-controlled environment where they don’t have to rely on subcontractors and their schedules. Often times prefabricated construction projects take half the time of traditional construction projects. 

At Alliance Construction Specialties (ACS), located in Argyle, Texas, we believe in a more sustainable future. Join us in making the earth a better place to live for everyone!

At Alliance Construction Specialties (ACS) in Argyle, Texas, we believe in a more sustainable future. As a construction company, we are always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint while giving customers quality construction and service. We are a family-owned, privately held company with experience in all divisions of general construction, property and facility maintenance, and commercial and industrial remodelingLearn More About ACS >>

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