5 Way to Implement Green Design

At Alliance Construction Specialties (ACS) we, as well as many others, are striving to lower our carbon footprint and focus on more sustainable living. One way to focus on sustainability is to implement green office design. Our team at ACS works directly with an experienced team of architects and engineers to design a space that fits the client’s vision and stays within budget. Here are 5 ways to implement sustainability into office design: 

1. Insulation

One of the best ways to reduce energy consumption, thus lowering energy costs, is to have proper insulation. By having the proper amount of insulation you reduce the amount of air that can seep in or seep out of the building. This means HVAC will not have to work as hard, and that saves you money. 

2. Sustainable Materials

When choosing building materials, choose as many sustainable, recycled, or refurbished materials you can. By lowering the amount of brand new materials used you are lowering your company’s carbon footprint. 

3. Natural Light

Studies have shown that employees are more efficient and effective when they have access to natural light. Avoid interior walls that are not absolutely necessary. Another benefit to natural light is lowering the need for artificial light. This saves your company money by using less electricity. 

4. Energy Efficiency 

When artificial light must be used, be sure to use energy-efficient light bulbs, as well as sensors and time switches to ensure electricity is not being used when it is not needed. Choose office equipment that will power down or go to “sleep” when it is not being used. 

5. Incorporate Plants

Yes, we mean real plants. Studies have shown that when employees have plants to look at while they work they are more efficient and able to focus better. However, plants also can be used to create an efficient ventilation system in the office to help to purify the air.

At Alliance Construction Specialties (ACS) in Argyle, Texas, we believe in a more sustainable future. As a construction company, we are always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint while giving customers quality construction and service. We are a family-owned, privately held company with experience in all divisions of general construction, property and facility maintenance, and commercial and industrial remodelingLearn More About ACS >>

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