5 Ways to Reduce Noise in Your Office

Noise is something most of us have to deal with everyday. When it comes to your working space, noise is not usually something that is wanted but is often hard to avoid, especially in an open concept office. Here are some ways to lower the amount of noise created in your office space: 

1. Flooring

Flooring is important for sound absorption. The flooring most people think of when it comes to sound absorption is carpet. However, with newer technologies there are other options. Vinyl flooring is much easier to maintain than carpet and still absorbs sound. You can also add additional rubber underlayment that will add Impact Insulation Class values. 

2. Background Noise

It may seem like the opposite of what you want to do, however, adding background noise to your office may help to lower the amount of unwanted noise heard. Utilizing sounds like white noise, beach waves, or rain help keep background noise at a manageable level. 

3. Wall Panels

You may want to install wall panels that will absorb noise. These are often utilized in music halls to help control noise pollution. It works the same in your office by absorbing unwanted sounds. 

4. Wall Insulations

While it may be a more expensive option, if you are building a new office space or renovating your current one, using sound absorbing insulation in the walls will be effective in minimizing unwanted noise. 

5. Plants & Greenery 

Implementing plants in your office is great not only for noise reduction, but also the health of your employees. Plants help to purify the air which improves air quality. In terms of noise, the larger the plant the more noise gets absorbed. 

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