6 Benefits to Installing a Cool Roof

Cool roofs. What are they? A cool roof utilizes sustainable design technologies to deflect heat and sunlight away from the building. This means less heat and sunlight are absorbed causing the building to stay cooler and save on energy. Saving energy means fewer emissions from power plants.

Improve Indoor Comfort

You and your employees’ comfort is important. If you are not comfortable in your environment your work productivity drops. Over the course of the day, the temperature inside can vary based on the outdoor temperature, cool roofs help to eliminate or lower temperature fluctuations. 

Money Savings

Less energy used means more money you and your business can put towards other things. By installing a cool roof your business stays cooler naturally. This means the air conditioning runs less, and everyone knows how expensive air conditioning can get in the Texas summers.

Extend Life Span

By installing a cool roof, you could be extending your roof’s lifespan. Heat on a dark roof adds stress to the construction, so by installing a cool roof that deflects heat and sunlight you should not have to replace your roof as often. 

Reduce Power Outages

By consuming less power there is a smaller demand for it. This can reduce the number of power outages in your area. 

Ease of Installation

The materials used to install a cool roof can be put over any existing material and can be reapplied whenever needed. This means a cool roof can be installed without demolition which saves you money and time. 


The cost to install a cool roof is the same as a regular roof, so you are not spending any more than you usually would. Plus, the cost savings you have on energy actually make it cheaper over time. 

Cool roofs not only save you money, but they improve the overall comfort for you and your employees and lower emissions from power plants. Cool roofs are just one small way to reduce your carbon footprint and help us on our mission to a more sustainable future. 

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