6 Reasons for Commercial Remodeling

When you first established your business your offices or building were probably considered top-notch. However, as times change so do styles and trends. Is it time to for your business to get a refresh? At Alliance Construction Specialities (ACS) we have over 30 years of experience transforming spaces into beautiful and functional work environments. Still considering? Here are 6 reasons it’s time to remodel: 

1) Property Value Increase

The first, and most obvious, reason for remodeling your commercial space is the increase in property value. Generally, the better the improvements the more it will reflect when it come to resale value. 

2) Helps Recruiting 

When recruiting new employees a newly remodeled and well designed space can attract new employees. Younger generations find importance in interior finishes and how well the office and building feel and will add to their productivity. 

3) Energy Efficiency 

Technology continues to advance and more building materials are becoming more energy efficient and sustainable. Chances are when your building or office space was built so many years ago, the materials used were not sustainable or energy efficient. Now is the time to remodel and change that! 

4) New Technology

While remodeling your business or office space is the perfect opportunity to bring in new technology and equipment. This will increase your employee productivity and efficiency. 

5) New Customers

When potential customers or clients see your new and improved space it will signal to them that your business is doing well. It also creates a curiosity among potential and former customers or clients that want to see your newly designed space. 

6) Cost and Time Effective

When faced with the choice to remodel or rebuild, the answer is almost always to remodel. Remodeling takes less time than a new build and is usually more cost effective.

At ACS, located in Argyle, Texas, we appreciate the opportunity to serve you in all your construction and maintenance needs. We are  family owned, privately held company with experience in all division of general construction, property and facility maintenance, and commercial and industrial remodeling. 

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