ACS is Your Go To for Everything Concrete

Concrete has become a staple in our society due to its high durability and structural integrity. Almost every building project begins with concrete. At Alliance Construction Specialities (ACS), concrete is our expertise. The concrete division of our business has been operating for more than 35 years. Whatever you might need concrete for, ACS is your go to concrete specialist. 

Machine Pits 

If you are need of a machine or press pit, ACS is prepared to overcome any obstacle to make it happen. 

Building Foundations

Every building starts somewhere. The foundation is the most important part of the building. If the foundation is not done correctly, the entire project will suffer. Whether your project needs a slab, or a pier and beam foundation, ACS is your go tACS o construction company. 

Retainer Walls 

A retainer wall is used to support a structure and prevent the earth underneath it from moving due to erosion. When a retainer wall is needed you need quality work and construction to install it. 


Too many employees and need a new parking lot? ACS is here to help. 


Whether you are adding sidewalks to an existing project, or needing them for a new build, ACS is your go to. Sidewalks are important for comfort of clients and employees, and they keep people off your grass. 

Street Paving

ACS is your concrete specialist for installing new streets or repairing distressed streets. 

Specialty Concrete Finishes

Are you interested in finishing your concrete floors? Want to add a special finish to some concrete outside? Specialty finished concrete adds style, flair, and modernizes your space. 

Interested in doing something else with concrete? Contact us today!

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At ACS we appreciate the opportunity to service all of your construction and maintenance needs. We provide out clients with innovative ideas and solutions that enhance production by organization, preservation, expansion, and maintenance of your existing facility and/or by designing and building your new infrastructure.