4 Types of Insulation to Improve Efficiency

Insulation is important in every building. Insulation keeps the building comfortable for its tenants and, depending on the type of insulation, keeps energy costs down. At Alliance Construction Specialities we strive to implement sustainable technologies in our builds. Different types of insulation have different energy efficiency levels.


One of the most popular types of insulation are blown-in or loose-fill insulations. These include 

Mineral Wool, Fiberglass, or Cellulose. Blown-in or loose-fill insulation are small pieces of foam, fiber, or other materials that can be “blown-in” a space in the wall. Due to the small particles, this insulation can conform to any space making it ideal for hard to reach locations. Many fiberglass and mineral wool insulations are made from mostly recycled materials. 

Batt and Roll 

Probably the most commonly used type of insulation is blanket insulation. This insulation comes in batts and rolls. It is usually made of fiberglass made into flexible fibers but can sometimes be made of mineral wool, natural fibers (sheep’s wool or cotton), or plastic fibers. Batt and roll insulation is available in sizes that are standard to the spacing of studs and rafters in the walls. 

Radiant Barriers

Most insulations work by resisting conductive and convective heat flow. Radiant barriers work by reflecting radiant heat. Most commonly installed in attics, radiant barriers reduce the amount of heat getting into a building. This can drastically lower cooling costs, especially in the summer. Radiant barriers are usually made of reflective aluminum foil with a backing that could include polyethylene bubbles, cardboard, thermal insulation materials, plastic film, or even kraft paper. 


Liquid foam insulation can be sprayed, poured, foamed-in-place, etc. This type of insulation is often “blown” in. Due to the uniqueness of the foam, it can get into even the smallest crevice truly creating a barrier and giving full insulation. This drastically reduces the amount of air flow your building has from the outside, which means your HVAC unit works less and saves you money. 

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