Why Sustainable Construction is for You

At Alliance Construction Specialties (ACS), located in Argyle, Texas, sustainable construction isn’t just about lowering the environmental impacts during construction, but providing benefits for finances and personal well-being as well. A sustainable building utilizes renewable resources, improves overall health, and increases workplace productivity.

Lowers Costs

Overall, a sustainable building costs less than a building built with traditional construction. This is due to reducing the amount of materials needed to complete the job. Furthermore, you have a great return on investment with sustainable buildings. Your property value has just gone up by investing in sustainable construction. In addition, sustainable buildings incorporate energy saving technologies that reduce the overall cost of operating and maintaining the building. 

Less Waste

One of the main focuses of sustainable construction is minimizing waste. By more efficiently using materials, and focusing instead on renewable resources and materials, less waste is created. For example, sustainable buildings may collect and store renewable energy. This may look like a rain water collection system, solar panels, or wind turbines. 

Better Health

By implementing sustainable materials and design elements overall health is improved. Utilizing  sustainable products such as paint and/or carpet while also implementing plants that purify the air improves the quality of the working environment. Sustainable materials do not contain toxins or cancer-causing materials. This benefits not only the people who work there, but the community surrounding the building as well. Employees also tend to work more efficiently and effectively when working in a sustainable environment. 

At ACS we appreciate the opportunity to service all of your construction and maintenance needs. We are a family owned, privately held company with more than 30 years of experience in all divisions of general construction, property and facility maintenance, and commercial and industrial remodeling. 

We proudly serve clients of every kind, including industrial facilities, distribution centers, commercial properties, financial institutions, retail shops, educational and medical facilities, and more. Let us serve you! Contact us to get started today!