Beat the Heat this Summer

It’s getting hot outside in North Texas. As the summer heat moves in, is your business prepared for soaring electricity costs? At Alliance Construction Specialties (ACS) we are committed to minimizing our own carbon footprint by implementing sustainable technologies in our construction. One of the ways to lower your electricity usage (thus lowering your costs) and improve the environment is installing energy efficient windows

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An energy efficient window is a window that is able to provide an additional amount of insulation, thus minimizing the amount of heated or cool air that transfers between the inside and outside. Often, the insulation is provided by double or triple window panes. So, what are the benefits to energy efficient windows? 


In the heat of the North Texas summer you use much more electricity. By installing energy efficient windows you are lowering your electricity usage, thus lowering your electricity costs. 

Sound Blocking

The extra insulation keeps warm and cool air from traveling between the inside and outside. This is also true for sound. The extra insulation also serves as a sound blocking mechanism. 


A comfortable employee is a productive employee. Energy efficient windows help to normalize the inside temperatures. This means everyone’s comfort level increases. 

Light Quality

Shades and tints are normally used to lower solar radiation. With the addition of energy efficient windows the need for shades or tints go away. This means everyone gets to enjoy more natural sunlight. 


Ultra violet rays from the sun can come through windows to bleach rugs, furniture, carpet, or more. Energy efficient windows are coated to block ultra violet rays, keeping your office decor safe. 

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