Concrete, Not as Boring as You Think

Concrete is durable and known to make a statement. Also, almost every building project contains some sort of concrete. At Alliance Construction Specialities (ACS) in Argyle, Texas, we love concrete! We have been in the concrete business for more than 35 years. Concrete can be used for functionality or a decor element. Whatever you’re thinking, let us do the work. 

Stained Concrete

One modern way to update your office space is to use concrete flooring. Concrete is durable and functional. If you add a stain then it becomes beautiful. Versatile, easy to maintain, environmentally friendly – what more could you want on a floor? 

In many cases, concrete is already under your existing floors. By ripping up the old and dated flooring and refreshing your office concrete with stain, you are instantly improving your office space. Not only that, but stained concrete flooring is easy to maintain. Other than sealing it periodically, all your maintenance staff needs to do is mop. 

Stamped Concrete

When looking to spruce up your outdoor walkways you may think pavers are the best option. We’d say choose concrete. While concrete has a reputation of being “boring” it is actually anything but. There are many different options to stamp your concrete and make it look like pavers or rocks. 

By choosing stamped concrete over pavers you are eliminating tripping hazards and the need to replace pieces here and there. This increases the lifespan of your walkway. Stamped concrete also increases your property value by adding curb appeal.  

Decorative Concrete

In addition to staining and stamping, concrete can be used in a more decorative sense. As a new trend, more and more people are opting for concrete countertops in their kitchens or bathrooms. Adding concrete countertops in your office space bathrooms would modernize the space.  

At ACS we appreciate the opportunity to assist you with your concrete needs. We aim to provide our clients with innovative ideas and solutions that will enhance production by organization, preservation, expansion, and maintenance of your existing facility and/or by designing and building your new infrastructure. 

Contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you soon.