Let Us Show You How ACS Works

When you start the process to construct a new building or warehouse, we know you have options. However, we would argue that a using a Design Build firm, like Alliance Construction Specialities (ACS), is really the only option. If you are looking for real collaboration, thorough planning, and true satisfaction, ACS is the firm for you. 

When you start the process of working with ACS we will start by drafting conceptual drawings. Once we have those worked out we will work with you and an architect to create renderings that truly fit your needs. We understand that you want to be included, and we want your input. We will never try to exclude you from the process. 

Once the concepts are nailed down we will collaborate with our highly skilled subcontractors and vendors to ensure the highest level of workmanship and materials are included in the plans. By being accountable for the entire project, ACS takes every cost into account from early in the design phase all the way through construction.

A thorough preconstruction planning meeting will take place with you, the client, to ensure all timelines and budgets are on target. If there is an additional fee, we will know about it, tell you about it, and include it in the upfront cost. 

Transparency is important during any design and building process. ACS believes in consistent communication throughout the entire build process. We do not believe in keeping things from our clients. Client relations is extremely important to us, and we would not do anything to tarnish that. 

Ultimately, the goal is client satisfaction. Once the build is complete we will meet with you to ensure you are happy with the final result. Once you give us the go ahead we will begin the final cleaning and complete the job. 

Located in Argyle, Texas, we at ACS appreciate the opportunity to serve you in all your construction and maintenance needs. We are a family owned, privately held company with experience in all divisions of general construction, property and facility maintenance, and commercial and industrial remodeling.