Alliance Construction asked me to provide a testimonial on their behalf. I consider it an honor when a General contractor asks for my honest opinion of its work practice and style. I am only a sub-contractor who has had the opportunity to work with Alliance now for about 4 years. We have been able to work on million-dollar homes that you only see in TV shows, to industrial plants, office finish outs, and remodels.

The one thing that makes working with Alliance a joy, is the trust they put in the subs and effort they take to build a team concept. We often get contractors who always want to take the lowest price and not build the true desire of the owner. I have enjoyed the team concept with Alliance that provides the best outcome for the customer. All projects have changes during the build. Addressing the concerns early in the bid process is what Alliance and its team does well to help reduce the often hated “change order”. Working to eliminate or reduce the unknown factor is a skillset often overlooked or misunderstood by owners when interviewing builders. This is the one factor that often causes the most frustration and bitter after taste for many owners after a build. Knowing the issues early and having solutions is key. Yes, it may add to the budget, but the budget was going to be affected anyway. Is it not best to have a budget you are in control of and not one that is in control of you?

You will always have issues on any project, but if you address them early, often, and with a desire to solve, you will be successful as Alliance Construction has been. If you’re not happy with the project at the end of the day, be it time line, change orders, attitude, or scope, the price does not matter.

If you’re looking for a fair, completive, and eager team I would suggest Alliance Construction and its team of sub-contractors. Remember, a General contractor is only as good as its subs and an owner is only happy if the project meets or exceeds their expectations. I believe Alliance and its team have and will continue to deliver that quality build.

BCI Mechanical, Inc.