Use a Cool Roof to Lower Energy Costs

We are all constantly looking for ways to cut down costs, especially in the workplace. One way to lower your energy bills is by installing a cool roof. A cool roof is designed to reflect heat from the sun away from your office building and back into the atmosphere, thus lowering your need for energy.

At Alliance Construction Specialties (ACS) we are committed to sustainable practices without compromising quality of construction or service. Cool roofs are a great way to start moving towards a more sustainable future. 

Lowers Energy Need

As we’ve already talked about, installing a cool roof lowers your need for energy, thus lowering your energy bills. As sun is deflected away from your building less heat and sunlight are absorbed. This means your building stays naturally cooler, reducing the amount of time the air conditioner needs to run. The more money you save, the more you can put towards furthering your business. 

Cost Effective

The cost to install a cool roof is actually comparable to the cost of installing a traditional roof, so you aren’t spending any more than you usually would. Also, the materials used to install a cool roof can be placed over any existing material. This means money and time saved on reduced demolition. When you think about how much money is saved by heat reduction, a cool roof is actually cheaper over time. 

Employees’ Comfort 

Comfort is important to employee satisfaction and productivity. Lack of comfort produces poor results. As temperatures outside fluctuate during the day, inside temperatures do as well. By installing a cool roof temperature fluctuations are lowered or completely eliminated. Once comfort is ensured, productivity goes up! 

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