Working to Create Sustainable Concrete

As people around the world focus more on sustainable living and minimizing their carbon footprint, we at Alliance Construction Specialties (ACS) are doing the same. We also believe in a more sustainable future. As a construction company, we are always looking for more sustainable products without compromising quality. 

Concrete is one of the most used building materials in the world. However, manufacturing concrete, or more specifically cement (the binding material in concrete), takes a lot of energy and water. Many experts that believe in sustainability recommend using supplementary cementing materials. 

In addition to creating more sustainable concrete, the materials that reinforce concrete must also be examined and more sustainable products must be used.

At James Cook University in Queensland, Australia, one student researched just that. In 2015, the Australian Innovation Challenge for manufacturing construction and innovation went to PhD student Shi Yin for his research on using plastic to reinforce concrete. From there, the company Fibercon went on to create Fibercon RMP47. 

Fibercon RMP47 is concrete that is reinforced with recycled plastic. Not only does it reduce the carbon dioxide production by 50% by using plastic instead of steel, it saves 50% more carbon dioxide by using recycled plastic over newly manufactured plastic. 

In support of their student, and to show the potential the product has, James Cook University used Shi Yin’s Fibercon FMP47 to build a sidewalk to the Science Place on their campus. They were so impressed with the product that they ended up installing an additional sidewalk on campus.  

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